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Until 1997. I was born on February 17 1960 in Poitiers France, and lived there most of the time until 1981, year during which I started my studies in a great university in Louisiana (Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA). In 1985 (after a year of interruption for the military service 82-83) I obtained a bachelor of science in mathematics and computer sciences, and the possibility to continue for a master degree that I received in 1987 at Clemson University in South Carolina (USA) Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences. In the summer of 1986, I did an internship at Schwarzkopf Poitiers, and soon after I was offered a job in Schwarzkopf Paris - I started working there in September 1987.

Resumes & Certificates
1. French Resume (HTM-F)
2. English Resume (HTM)
3. Clemson Master's transcript, (p2) (PDF)
4. NSU Bachelor's transcript (PDF)
5. Military Service Certificate (PDF-F)
6. Tennis Teacher Certificate -FFT- (PDF-F)
I worked as 'marketing controller', but I also organized the development of a computer system for our customers, and filled in for a data processing manager meeting in Hamburg in 1988. After a little bit more than 2 years, I was offered the data processing manager position to organize the system migration (36 to AS400) mainly. In February 2001, I quitted my post for personal reasons, and soon after I took a position as computer Project Leader at the Department of Essonne to work on the changement of the human resources software mainly. In 1993, this experience ended abruptly and rather unfairly as I explained in the previous pages, and I started working on my computer project proposal to guide me in my job search. It lead me to Reuters in Munich, Germany, and soon after at Dow Jones Telerate in Paris for a brief moment.

After 1997. After I submitted my computer project proposal to the Inco-Copernicus program on 9-24-1997, and filed my lawsuit against the Department of Essonne on 1-17-98, I did mostly legal work to defend my case in France and in front of the International Courts, my asylum applications (Switzerland, Belgium and the US), and finally my lawsuits in the US. The work on my project proposal also changed as I explained in the Proposals page, it became more a management and political work (analyze the important issues, find solutions to our global problems including why such an important project would not be financed, and present them to politicians, IO managers and the Press and Media). This more recent work represents a serious effort done in very difficult conditions as you can see in the previous pages.

Other Interests. I have plaid a lot of tennis during my high school years, and eventually obtained a scholarship to study in the US and play in the University tennis team. During my best tennis match, I obtained 2 match points against a player ranked 48 in the ATP world ranking (that year) and number 3 in France in the quarterfinal of my hometown tournament [as a consolation prize I got to beat him in the double final (7/5 in the third set!), but the credit goes mainly to my double partner -a very (very) talented Argentinian player]. I am a certified tennis teacher and even worked sometimes as a tennis teacher. I also like playing golf and reading books.

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