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Personal information

Nationality: French

Date of birth: 17/02/1960

Place of birth: Poitiers, France



Professional Experiences


Independent Consultant                                                                                          12/96-

Registered from 04/99 to 07/01 (registration number  siret n° 422 984 815 00015).

            Co-ordinated a research project proposal to the Inco-Copernicus European Program,

            found the partners in Europe and countries part of CCE/NIS, wrote the project proposal.

Presented the proposal to International Organizations’ managers and countries’ leaders or representatives.     


Contribution Executive (Dow Jones Telerate France, Paris)                         08/96-11/96

            Analyzed and solved contribution problems in the newsroom (project ‘Focus France’).

            Recommended new contribution solutions to decrease hardware and software cost

            and increase functionality.

Technical environment

            Windows NT, TTRS, TW, Excel.


Application Executive (Reuters AG, Munich, Germany)                                           09/94-02/96

Worked on the project Dedis (Hypobank, Munich): Gathered user’s requirements and supported development group for the development of RIDS (Reuters Internal Dealing System) and KOUGAR (Cross rates calculator and rates server) applications.

Made functional tests, participated in last technical tests (network and performance).

Verified mathematical formulas of functional specifications.

Presented software to potential customers in Germany, participated in joint presentation of Kougar and Kondor +  (risk management software).

Technical environment

Unix (Solaris, Sunos), Triarch architecture, ATW, Kobra (Reuters object oriented interface), client server, Sun Workstations, TCP/IP, WAN ppp-line, BGS (branch gateway server).


Research                                                                                                                 04/93-08/94

Studied the problem of integrating statistical data in public health at the international level.


Project leader (Department of Essonne, Evry, France)                                              04/91-03/93   

Coordinated several projects.

Wrote specifications to replace human resources software, method MERISE. 

Developed PC applications with Excel macro command (travel expenses, school transportation,...).

Trained Users.

Technical environment

IBM mainframe 43xx, networked PCs Novell, Microsoft office.


Data processing manager (Schwarzkopf, Poitiers, France)                          11/89-03/91

Responsible for applications in marketing, sales, accounting, logistics, finance, purchasing.  Managed the data processing team (4 persons).

Organized migration 36 to AS400, negotiated leasing contracts.

Special assignment in Hamburg to participate in the design of an international marketing and sales information system.

European financial directors and data processing managers meetings in Hamburg (88-91).

Technical environment

IBM 36, AS400, PCs, Lotus software, Case tool Foundation.


Business/Costs Analyst (Schwarzkopf, Paris)                                                         09/87-10/89

Business reporting.  Preparation of monthly marketing and sales statistics.

Special studies on costs, customers, competitors, and sales region organization.



Organized development and sales of a business software for our customers (no initial investment for the company, first year sales objective passed by 11%).

Presented this software in regions and national manifestations.


Teaching Assistant (Clemson university)                                                                  08/85-08/87

Taught mathematics to 1st and 2nd year students (Lower-division courses:

College Algebra, trigonometry,).  Made research on an optimization problem.





81-82              Northwestern State University (Louisiana, USA)

83-85              Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

                        Grade point average (3.62/4.0)

                        Member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society.


82-83              Military service.


85-87              Clemson University (South Carolina, USA)

                        Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences

                        Grade point average (3.55/4.0).


91-93              Conservatoire National Des Arts et Métiers (Paris)

                        Business Classes:

                        Financial analysis, financial products and markets, long and short term financing.


97                    CNAM (Paris)

                        Computer classes (not for credit):

Decisional systems engineering and JAVA language.



Languages, publications, and other competences.


French:            Native language.

English: Fluent.

German:           Working knowledge.


Co-authored two articles on a scheduling problem in American journals (1989, 1991).

Researched (1993-1997) and wrote an article (unpublished) on a statistical data integration problem, May 1997.


Member of the NSU tennis team from 1981-1982 and 1983-1985, ranked in the top 150 tennis players in France in 1983 and 1984, certified tennis teacher.