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Different people may be interested by different proposals or issues, so I will try to give possible directions or contacts to match your possible interest (if any).

If you were interested by the political proposals and are surprised or disapointed (or even worse) that neither the politicians, the press and media nor IOs talked about them, the best way is to contact your local politicians -representatives- (if you have one), the government of your country, the press and media (local or national), and/or of course the International Organizations [UN, World Bank, list of IO sites around the world, ICANN,].

If you are more interested by the technical proposal (the computer project proposal), you can contact directly the organisms that are dealing with these issues [the Conference of European Statistician -a group of experts that coordinate the statistical work of IOs, or the OECD Statisitcs Directorate, the UN Statisitcs Directorate, or the IMF Statistics Directorate, or of course your national institute of statistics (list of NIS), see also The Board Members of CES,].

If you want to say that you are 'disapointed' at the way a French refugee was (or more generally asylum seekers are) treated in US (see report to US Senate, p2, p3), you can contact the UN refugee agency -HCR-, or directly contact the US government (White House), The State of California (the Terminator), the LA County (Board of Supervisors), or contact human rights agencies (Amnesty, HRW,).

If you want to denounce the injustice I was victim of both in the US and in France, you can contact your local politicians or governments (Elysee, White House) if you are French or US citizens, or contact the press and media in your country, or contact human rights agencies (Amnesty, HRW,).

You can also send me your comments at
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Home Proposals Lawsuit US Lawsuit FR Lawsuit EC Resume Conclusion
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